Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link

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The Dyson Pure Hot + Cool Link Air Purifier is a versatile device that can increase your quality of life, especially for people with allergies.

Using a state-of-the-art filtration system, the unit is capable of filtering up to 95.95 percent of particulate matter up to 0.1 microns in diameter from the air.

This allows the indoor air to be freed from pollen and other allergens. The device also has an excellent ease of use and can be controlled by remote control or app.

Additional functions such as Times and Nacheingstellung offer flexible application possibilities. Thanks to first-class air distribution, the unit also offers good performance in heating and cooling, making it possible to create a pleasant indoor climate in any season.

Due to the high purchase price, the device is mainly of interest to allergy sufferers, who particularly benefit from the excellent filter properties.


  • 3 functions in one device
  • Controllable via app
  • Cleans up to 95.95 percent of pollutants and particles in the air
  • Good heating and cooling performance
  • Economical in energy consumption
  • Easy to use
  • Interesting design


  • High purchase price

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