aLLreLi Travel Charger: Nicely made "quad" port charger

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The aLLreLi USB wall charger comes nicely packaged, with a separate click on US, UK, EU, AU plug allowing you to connect it to the socket. This can be removed for travel or storage. You can also connect a figure of “8” lead to the charger, at the same port the plug fits into, it’s quite a clever design giving you 2 choices of how to power the unit. To remove the plug simply push the button at the bottom, and slide up.

You have 4 ports on the front and a blue LED light when it’s powered on. Top 2 ports are for 1.0 amp devices, the bottom 2 blue ports are rated at 2.4 amps, the manual advises you on which devices should be used on the respective ports. Do take note that 2.4 amps will charge faster, but might not be suitable for use with some items. The 1 amp ports are safe to use with any device though high drain devices like tablets will take a while to charge.


Clever Deign:

Fits into the tiniest of gang plugs thanks to the small footprint of the supplied clip on plug.
A push button on the lower end of the housing releases the removable plug with ease.
A figure of 8 cable can power the unit. Great if you want to place the charger on a tabletop or hide it away under a desk.
Very portable, measuring 8.8 cm x 5.5 cm and only 3 cm thick.
Automatic multi voltage : 110V to 240V AC/DC switching. Ideal for travellers.

Build Quality and performance:

The choice of materials and finish are top notch.
Sports short circuit protection, preventing damage to the devices being charged and the charger itself.
I have tested the unit whilst charging 2 iPads and 2 smartphones concurrently and the charger did not heat up at all. The power output and charging time were not affected.

Bottom Line:

I like the build of the aLLreLi it’s got a solid feel to the casing and I’m impressed with the removable plug design. The aLLreli 34W charger has now replaced my iPad, Kindle and smartphone chargers. Less plugs and clutter at a great price.

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