About the Tips and Tricks (Wiki)

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Discuss Money Saving Tricks or anything deal related.

Wiki Post - Post can be updated by all members

By default, new users at Trust Level 0 can not edit wiki posts. They will see only a green pencil icon at the top right of the wiki posts.
When users are able to edit the wiki posts, in addition to the pencil, they will notice that the Replybutton has been de-emphasised in favor of the Edit button

Clicking on the pencil produces no effect unless the post has been modified.
In this case, the number of changes made since the creation of the wiki will also appear !

  • clicking that icon, a user not enabled to create wiki posts will be able to see the revisions that have been made to the post:


  • a user enabled to create wiki posts will also see the Edit Wiki buttons:
  • If two users are editing the post at the same time, the latest save becomes the latest revision, thus overwriting the contents of the previous save.