About the Review Community

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OwlDeals Review Forum is an open community where everyone share their thoughts about new and pre-release items!

Get the real inside story from shoppers like you.
Read, write and share unbiased reviews on OwlDeals today.

How to leave a review?

  1. Go to “Product Tests” category
  2. Click “New Topic” button
  3. Now to put your thoughts in writing!
Issue with large photo or video

If the size of your image or video is larger than 10MB, please upload it to imgur, then copy the url to your post, our community will embed it automatically


1. How to review products I purchased before in the past?

Create your OwlDeals account to get started writing your first review.

2. I’m writing my first review. What should I include in it?
Hooray! Thanks for taking the first step to share your valuable opinion. For best practices on writing a review, read our tips.

3. Is my review published immediately?
If your review is approved by our team, your review will be published within 0-12 hours. Read more about our review guidelines.

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